At The Family Center, we are healing communities one family at a time.  You’ll find us in Mobile on Bel Air Boulevard and in Robertsdale on Highway 59.  We serve over 2000 families per year and we’ve been in this community since we were founded by The Exchange Club in 1991. 

A Parable of Prevention – Courtesy of Children’s Trust Fund

A man visiting a small town notices a lot of activity on the street. He goes over to the stream that runs through town to find scores of people working furiously. Babies are floating downstream and the townspeople are pulling them out of the water. The stranger learns that the townspeople have been at this process day and night. He is asked to join them but refuses, and the townspeople become indignant.

“How can you not help us in this crisis?” they asked. “Don’t you have any compassion? Don’t you care?”

The stranger answers quietly, but emphatically. “You can continue to pick up these babies all you like. But it strikes me that your efforts are ultimately inadequate. Obviously, somebody keeps putting these babies in the stream. I’m going to go upstream, find the source, and put an end to it once and for all.”

This reflects our mission – to put an end to child abuse once and for all!

The way we do things at “The Center” has changed a bit but our mission of strengthening families and preventing child abuse and neglect through education, training and support stays strong.

Family Structures have changed, laws have changed, our environment is different but one thing stays the same – Healthy Children grow up to be Healthy Adults and Healthy Adults build Healthy Communities.