“I want to say that I truly appreciate how much you put your heart, time, and efforts into bettering the lives of parents of all ages, nationalities, gender, backgrounds, religion, etc. You are truly one of a kind. I want you to know the two or three classes I have taken has made an impact in my life and really is opening my eyes to new ways of thinking. Taking in new perspectives of the ways I parent.

Thanks for all that you do for the community and on the ways you improve and impact the lives of parents.”

“Thank you! You guys have far exceeded expectation and have been there for us more than you know! Also my child looks forward to seeing Mrs. W, which serves as an overall pleasurable and exciting experience for both of us.”

“I love that there was no judgment passed. My worker went out of her way to facilitate and make sure my son and I were both comfortable.”

“The services The Family Center has provided were instrumental in providing a safe environment for my son to visit with his dad. Our visitation plan from court began with supervised visitation, a drop off and pick up during daytime, to weekend overnight stays. Through The Family Center’s services the extremely negative interactions have been eliminated. My son no longer is exposed to arguments between us, the anxiety and worry dropping him off has significantly decreased. I can not say enough good things about this program. The team is always so nice and helpful and they even take time on Holidays to do exchanges. I’m so thankful for what they have done to give peace to my family.”

I wanted to say thank you dearly to Ashley Newsome with providing me with the necessary materials to prepare me to be a better mother to my children. The class went above and beyond and helping prepare us for what the real world is like in terms of raising children and being the best parents we can be. Thanks in advance for all of your help Mrs. Newsome.” 

Mr. Bill is an efficient and very capable and able teacher. I very much enjoy attending his informative classes and listening to his stories that help me understand more. I thank God for Mr. Bill and his wisdom he shares in his classes.”

“I really was given much insight about how to be an effective parent.”

“I honestly have enjoyed them. I think they have helped to make me a better person. They are a good thing for all kinds of people and all kinds of problems.”

“I understand the importance of making more time for my kids now, and trying to do better not only for myself but for them.” (male graduate of parenting class)

“I learned to pay attention to what they (children) are doing right and not always focus on what is wrong.”

“This class is the next best thing to an instruction book for children. I have had some issues come up that I believe I handled well because of the techniques the classes taught me. These classes are an asset to this community and I hope they are offered for many years to come.” (non-custodial father)

The material was easy to understand and went into detail. I most enjoyed the breakout sessions and working together.”

The class was very easy to understand and full of helpful information. The instructor was wonderful and she made it easy to understand the material. I really enjoyed hearing other people’s opinions and knowing I am not the only one going through things.” 

This program has helped me and my family tremendously. They are so supportive. I don’t know where I’d be without them. I’m so thankful and blessed for them.”

I had the best time in my parenting classes. Mrs. Ashley was phenomenal with everything that she did that also so personal which made me enjoy going. I’ve never met a teacher in the situation that I was put in that went above and beyond out of their way to help in anyway that they can not only during class but even when she was getting ready to go to meeting while she was getting ready she told me what all I needed to do or that she thought I needed to do to help me with the situation I was in. She really helped me get out of the situation that I was in but also help me become a better mother, daughter, friend, and person. Recently after class was finished recently moved back to Montgomery Alabama and I still keep in contact if I ever need anything from Miss Ashley,  and she’s always there without hesitation. I’m so thankful that I was placed in her class because honestly it was fine but we did learn a lot.”