“The Anger Management classes have been more beneficial to me than all the classes I took in college or grad school.” (male graduate)

“My new perspective since taking Anger Management classes has changed so many things…I do much better now coping with life’s struggles.” (female graduate)

“Thank you for getting through to me because I came close-minded because I didn’t want to be here. I actually learned something from every class.” (mandatory participant)

“My experience was extremely rewarding. In addition to learning about the daily activities of an Executive Director, I have learned what is means to be truly and whole-heartedly passionate about a cause and how to strive for something you believe in. I want to thank you for the time you spent with me discussing the grant proposals…this was very helpful to me and provided much useful knowledge for my future career. I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a wonderful group of people.” (Elizabeth Johnston, Intern)

“I really was given much insight about how to be an effective parent.”

“I honestly have enjoyed them. I think they have helped to make me a better person. They are a good thing for all kinds of people and all kinds of problems.”

“I understand the importance of making more time for my kids now, and trying to do better not only for myself but for them.” (male graduate of parenting class)

“These classes are a great benefit to the community and I feel like it could change the way people discipline their children. There are other ways besides whipping your children.” (young mother)

“I learned to pay attention to what they (children) are doing right and not always focus on what is wrong.”

“This class is the next best thing to an instruction book for children. I have had some issues come up that I believe I handled well because of the techniques the classes taught me. These classes are an asset to this community and I hope they are offered for many years to come.” (non-custodial father)

“G really cares about helping us understand and use the class materials. I got more out of his classes than I ever did in school.” (female graduate of parenting classes)